What Can I Expect ?


Lange Roofing Inc. realizes that for many of our customers, having a roof professionally replaced is a once-in-a-LIFETIME experience. We provide this outline as a guide to answer the most commonly asked questions and to make the roofing process as easy as possible for our valued customers.

What Can I Expect?

  • Please be aware, that tearing off a roof is a form of demolition. Therefore, you can expect some vibration, noise, and possibly some dust. Prior to our arrival, we ask that you remove any fragile or delicate items that may fall from shelves, walls, and ceilings from vibration.
  • Please take the same precautions in your garage. You will want to remove your vehicle from your garage on a daily basis. Lange Roofing Inc. will not be responsible for scratches or dents of any kind if vehicles are left in the garage without our knowledge.
  • We may require access to a power source for our equipment such as electric saws, etc.
  • Upon arrival, our crew will do a site inspection. Patio furniture, grills, play sets, and potted plants will be removed from harm’s way.
  • Landscaping, shrubbery, etc in the fall zone will be protected with tarps.
  • All roofing debris will be removed from the site on a daily basis.
  • Satellite dishes and antennas will be removed and replaced in the same location to allow for the roofing process. LANGE ROOFING INC. is not responsible for reception. If professional alignment is required, it is the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • All hard surfaces (driveways and sidewalks) will be swept on a daily basis.
  • The entire work area will be magnet-swept upon completion. WE ASK THAT, IF POSSIBLE, YOU CUT THE GRASS THE DAY BEFORE OUR SCHEDULED START DATE.
  • All gutters in the work area will be cleaned of all roof-related debris.


Warranty Registration:

If you are eligible for the GAF Smart Choice System Plus Warranty, we will register your information with GAF online within 45 days from installation and GAF will send you a notification letter that your warranty has been registered. If you have not received your notification letter from GAF within 60 days of installation, please get in touch with Lange Roofing Inc. and we will contact GAF to confirm that they have registered your information accordingly.

7yr. Limited Workmanship Warranty is effective once Lange Roofing Inc. has received full payment for your installation. All other manufacturer warranties do not require registration.